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This site is current under construction.

This is a resurrection of the old website which died when the underpinning technology became just too old. This version will be much more simplified but will have all the same data and ability to browse through it.

I'm also hoping to include my photos against the relevant matches - this may take some time to do so please be patient.

Please note that this website is as during the beginning of the 2011/12 season
It's possible that the database will be brought up to date once the site is complete, but I can't promise that.

- Seasons
- Club History
- Honours
- All time club appearances
- All time club goalscorers
- All time club goalscorers
- All time FTFC appearances
- All time FFC appearances
- Players
- Opponents

If you're technically minded and interested you can download the SQL data here

Unless otherwise indicated photos are copyright Alister Pollock,